I’m officially in Business School!…

NAIROBI, KENYA—…at the School of Hard Knocks! I registered my company in Kenya and we have completed our first project: a biogas digester for a farmer with 6 cows. I even have a work permit! Though the immigration office had to reprint my work permit since they spelled my name “Kyle David Scgyttrr” the first time.

Over a year ago, three classmates at Brown and I did an independent study where we wrote a business plan to form a biogas company in Nigeria. From last June until now I have enjoyed my status of being “self-unemployed” while blogging on my experiences as a “toilet tourist” in the US, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. If you have read even half of those posts you deserve a gold star! I never reached Nigeria for a variety of reasons but I have found a land of opportunity in Kenya. I think I will be here for the next few years.

Takamoto Logo1.png

The company name is Takamoto Biogas Ltd. Yes, it sounds Japanese. I have always thought that Japanese last names sounded so perfect, especially four syllable last names. I thought that calling our first son “Yamazaki” was a great idea but my then girlfriend objected, for some reason.  The name also means something in Swahili, the second official language of Kenya. If you say “na taka moto” it sounds like “I want fire” and “taka moto” could also mean “fire from waste,” which explains biogas pretty well. Waste goes in, fire comes out.

I will have a post coming very shortly about the progress we have made so far.

Thanks to everyone who brought me this far—especially my classmates at Brown who went along with the crazy idea of turning human waste into cooking fuel. And my family of course too!

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Thinking about distribution in developing countries
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4 Responses to I’m officially in Business School!…

  1. Eileen Keller says:

    Congrats Kyle! You had a vision and have pursued it and are making things happen. I’m so impressed. I can’t stop bragging about you!

    Look forward to seeing you in person in Olympia (you are really coming all that way??)


    Aunt Eileen

  2. Jean Keller says:

    Hi Kyle! It’s GMa~I’m at Jean’s~just got here~she asked meif I wanted to read your Blog~great! Congrats on selling your first thingy to the farmer with six cows! Kris keeps me informed on what and how you are doing. Wasn’t that great that she went to Wash.? Met lots of interesting folks~she’s some advocate~really loves what you are doing. Love you~keep on keeping on…GMa

  3. I am based in Kisumu and a partner in a construction company willing to partner with anyone in the promotion and training of biogas technicians,masons within Nyanza and Western Region and also other forms of eco projects like rainwater harvesting and other forms of renewable energy Kindly advice on how we can make it work.

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