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Takamoto Branding

NAIROBI, KENYA—I have yet to see a biogas company that brands their systems. Companies spend weeks building the anaerobic digester and accompanying tanks but never indicate who did all the work. Which seems like a huge missed opportunity. If we … Continue reading

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NAIROBI, KENYA—Saturday morning and I was waiting outside City Hall for the sewer engineer to arrive for our trip to the Ruai sewage treatment plant when I felt the need to make a “long call” (as opposed to a “short … Continue reading

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Adopt-A-Light: My Lesson on Intellectual Property and Partnerships in Africa

NAIROBI, KENYA—Today Nairobi is well illuminated at night especially along highways. I am told that this is new. Until recently there were few lights along highways and those that did exist often did not operate properly. Maybe it is just … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Marketing

KAMPALA, UGANDA—Marketing is that girl I hated as a kid. I called her names. We just didn’t get along. And then one day I realized how beautiful she was. I needed her. I couldn’t live without her because she was the perfect … Continue reading

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The chicken and egg of product differentiation in Africa

The six butchers shops in the above photo all sell the same meats for the same prices. (Kigali, Rwanda) KAMPALA, UGANDA—There appears to be little market differentiation in Uganda, often with one store selling exactly the same thing as the … Continue reading

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