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Fats, Oils and Greases: the potential biofuel clogging our drains

WANDEGEYA, UGANDA—When I was buying fries in the fastfood/street food district near Makerere University where I have been staying I noticed a sewage truck. Mohammed the driver explained what was going on. The 7 inch sewer that services the restaurant … Continue reading

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The Wild, Wild East

KARAMOJA, UGANDA—I was first inspired to come to Karamoja when I heard that the region experienced semi annual cholera outbreaks because people refused to use toilets. Later people described the region to me as operating in the 1800s. In a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Marketing

KAMPALA, UGANDA—Marketing is that girl I hated as a kid. I called her names. We just didn’t get along. And then one day I realized how beautiful she was. I needed her. I couldn’t live without her because she was the perfect … Continue reading

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Urine Diverting Toilets: Technologically Ingenius, Culturally Incompatible

KAMPALA, UGANDA—To be honest, my interest is not Urine Diverting toilets. But I had heard so much about urine diverting toilets from friends who used them on a daily basis while working on an organic farm in Argentina that I … Continue reading

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Bwaise Slum

“Water is life. Unless you live in Bwaise. If you live in Bwaise water is death.” —local saying BWAISE, KAMPALA—Some stories can only be told backwards. This isn’t one of them. Let me start at the very beginning. I met … Continue reading

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KAMPALA, UGANDA—Necessity is the mother of recycling. Here, plastic bags are reused as pots for planting. Reused bags are the ONLY containers I have seen used for planting. And used questionnaires are used to make the bag for my french … Continue reading

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Biogas in Kapchorwa

KAPCHORWA, UGANDA—Rich in cows and poor in firewood makes Kapchorwa ideal for biogas systems that turn cow dung into biogas for cooking. I visited Kapchorwa through contacts at Heifer International and GVEP. Heifer is leading the Uganda Domestic Biogas Program and … Continue reading

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